Make More Money with Construction Machine Control

Welcome to the companion web page for TrenchSafety's book, "Make More Money with Construction Machine Control: A "How To" Manual for Site-Prep Contractors."

We hope you've had a chance to read the book, and that you are now interested in seeing this technology in action with real site-prep contractors working on real job sites.

As discussed in the book, Machine Control technology is helping contractors greatly improve production, reduce their costs, and increase profitability. These objectives are accomplished by more precisely controlling materials, reducing engineering and staking costs (while cutting to grade with fewer passes), and by using less-skilled operators.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated several videos about contractors who use these systems on a daily basis. We thought you would like to see their stories. To view each video, use the control buttons below each screen. Be sure to turn on your computer's speakers!

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