Basic Principles of Working Safely in Trenches & Excavations

Welcome to the companion web page for TrenchSafety’s newest book, “Basic Principles of Working Safely in Trenches & Excavations: A ”How To” Manual for Contractors, Utilities, & Municipalities.”

All too often we hear about workers being seriously injured . . . or killed . . . because of the senseless cave-in of a trench. And we use the word “senseless” because, with the proper precautions, the dangers of cave-ins can be avoided.

We’ve written this book to provide you with the vital information and the steps you can take to provide a safe work environment for all your excavation work regardless of the soil type or conditions you’re working in.

In addition to the dozens of photographs, and the chapters on everything from the “Competent Person,” to soils classification, to the six primary techniques to provide protection, we’ve even included the actual OSHA standards for excavations.

The goal is to help you and your crews to work increase your productivity, reduce you costs, and save lives.

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